Zübeyde Fidan Kırmızı

Araştırmacı Yazar, Eğitimci

Dicle University, Faculty of Education, Turkish Language and Literature Department

An educator, author. She was born in Huruç (kaynak) village of Kulp district of Diyarbakır province in 1973. She moved to Diyarbakır city center with her family when she was three years old. After having completed her primary, middle and high school education, she got into Dicle University, Faculty of Education, Turkish Language and Literature Department in 1992, and she graduated in 1996. When she was a student at the faculty, she was introduced to famous research specialist Abdüssettar Hayati Avşar by her teachers. This meeting was the turning point of her life. She was very impressed by the difference, amazing memory, intense knowledge and humanitarian side of Mr. Abdüssettar H. Avşar. In the following months she became the adopted daughter of Mr. Abdüssettar Hayati Avşar and his wife Mrs. Müslüme Avşar. Avşar family introduced their adopted daughter to their friends as “we have a daughter”. Zübeyde responded to this family’s love with similar feelings.

After having completed her higher education, Zübeyde Kırmızı worked as a literature teacher in Diyarbakır and worked as the scripter in “Anadolu’ya Yolculuk “(A Journey to Anatolia) and “Göç” (Immigration) programmes, consisting of six episodes, produced and broadcast by Diyarbakır Production Center of TRT Ankara Television Directorate, Directorate of Education and Culture.

Besides literature and history researches, Zübeyde Kırmızı was interested in painting and sports, and she attracted attention with the drawings she made in high school years. Again, when she was in senior grade in high school, she was interested in Taekwondo and she won the first and second places in the competitions she attended.

Zübeyde Kırmızı’s first book was Amid-i Nur (2009), her work that can be considered as the biographic and verbal history work on Abdüssettar Hayati Avşar, whom she met in 1995 and became his assistant. Also her articles were published in “Ekodiyar”, the publication of Diyarbakır Chamber of Trade and Industry; and in “Diyarbakır ve Yaşam” (Diyarbakır and Life), which is a local publication.

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