Çevik Bir

Asker, Yazar


Soldier, writer. He was in Buca / Izmir (1939). He graduated from Turkish Military Academy as engineer officer (1958). He was team and unit commander in several engineering units. He graduated from Military Academy (1970), Armed Forces Academy (1971) and NATO Defense College (1973). He worked at several duties in General Army Commandership. He worked as a project officer at NATO European Allies Unit (SPAHE) between the years of 1973-1976. He worked as NATO Planning Officer in at Military Forces. He worked as Presidency of General Staff as Private Secretary, main Aide at National Security Council President, Head of State main aide, and as President’s Guard commander. In 1983 he was promoted to brigadier-general and was found in the office between the years 1983-85 to NATO Allied Command Headquarters Department of Logistics and infrastructure for the presidency in the years 1985-87 and the Commander of the 4th Armored Brigade. He was promoted to brigadier general in 1987 and ranks among the Armored School and Training Division Command of the year in 1987-89; he served as president of the Land Forces Operations in the years 1989-91. In 1991, he was promoted to lieutenant general and the president of the General Staff Operations office between 1991 and 93 years, Somalia has been in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in 1993-94 commanders of the Land Forces and chairman of Audit and Evaluation. He was promoted to full general in 1995, the deputy chief of staff in 1998 he was appointed commander 1. Army and retired in 1999.

In his work named Somali’ye Bir Umut (1999) he told about the history and social relations of Somalia, the military and political problems of Somalia and the lessons to be taught from the operation.

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