İshak Sukuti

Asker, Tıp Doktoru, Siyasetçi

Military Medical Faculty

Doctor, soldier, politician (B.  1868, Diyarbekir- D. 1903, San Remo/ Italy). He completed his primary and secondary education in his home town then he moved to Istanbul and graduated from Military Medical Faculty as Lieutenant Doctor and began to work Haydarpaşa Practice Hospital. He was one of the people established Union and Progress Association and worked for Freedom and Constitutional Monarchy during the Abdülhamit the Second. When his works against Abdülhamit Government came out, he was exiled to Rodos Castle. He escaped from here and settled in Paris. In 1897, he established Genève Office of Union and Progress Association with his friends’ İbrahim Temo, Abdullah Cevdet, Kafkasyalı Mehmet Reşit and Bakülü Hüseyinzâde Ali. He published Ottoman newspaper here. Same year he leaded the establishment of Cairo Office of the Association.

Government felt uneasy about İshak Sukuti’s and his friend’s works against and  Abdülhamit the second offered them jobs according to their professions in return for them to gave up working against him. İshak Sükuti and his friends accepted this agreement in return for freedom of the seventy eight political prisoners in Tripoli and began to work as a doctor in Rome Embassy. During this period, Union and Progress Association kept on publishing in London. Sukuti supported these publishing with his anonym writings. During his exile years, he got tuberculosis and passed away in Sweden/ San Remo. After the Constitutional Monarch (1908) his bones were moved to Istanbul by his friend Rıza Nur in 1909 and buried in to the garden of Sultan Mahmut’s tomb.

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