Coşkun Uçok

Siyaset Bilimci, Tarihçi

17 Haziran, 1918
Ankara University Faculty of Law

Historian (b. 17 June 1918, Diyarbakır – d. 1988). He was son of Kadri Üçok who was a governor (1881-1958). He completed his primary and elementary education in Diyarbakır (1935). He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law (1942). He received his PhD on Modern History at Heidelberg University, Faculty of Literature in 1943. In the same year, he was appointed to Ankara University, Faculty of Law as an assistant. He became an associate professor in 1944 and professor in 1951. He worked as a lecturer in this faculty and then retired. His articles were published in the Ankara Faculty of Law Review.


Siyasal Tarih (Political History, 6th edition, 1967), Türk Hukuk Tarihi Dersleri (History of Turkish Law Courses, 5th edition, 1972), Osmanlı Kanunnâmelerindeki İslâm Hukukuna Aykırı Hükümler (Decrees Against Islamic Law in the Ottoman Letters of Law, separate publication of Ankara University, Faculty of Law Review volume: 3, issue: 1).

He also translated from Dr. Curt Alinga and Babinger.


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