Cartoonist, humorist. He was born in Istanbul in 1961. His first cartoon was published in Gırgır magazine in 1975.  He drew cartoons in Mikrop magazine in 1978-1979; and then in Gırgır and Fırt for the following ten years.  He was among the founders of weekly magazine Hıbır in 1989.  He has also worked in daily newspapers and weekly political journals. He continued his work at H.B.R. Maymun magazine which he published with his friends. He is known as the cartoonist who created the cartoon types Canavar Koyun Orhan, Arap Kadrı, Muhlis Bey ve Mithat - Mirsat,  Köşeli Türklerden Press Bey.

"The thing that does not exist in Latif Demirci's drawings is Evil. Even when drawing the most irritative politicians, his lines turn them into characters that could be understood. That is perhaps why he is so distant from portrait caricature..." (Mustafa Arslantunalı)

WORKS (Comics):

Çeviren Latif Demirci (1996), Köşeli Türklerden Press Bey (2001), Bugün Devlet İçin Ne Yaptın? (2002).

RFERENCE: Mustafa Arslantunalı / Pirens ile Güllü (Virgül, issue: 33, September 2000), Köşeli Türklerden Press Bey / Latif Demirci (Cumhuriyet Kitap, 6.12.2001).



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