İsmail Hakkı Tonguç

Eğitimci, Yazar

İstanbul Teachers School

Pedagogue and writer (b. 1897, Silistre / Bulgaria – d. 1960). He is the founder of the village institutions. He graduated from İstanbul Teachers School (1918) and was sent to Germany in the same year. After he returned to Turkey, he worked as a teacher of painting and technique at various schools. He became the Director of the Educational Supplies and Apparatus Museum in 1926. He was appointed to the Gazi Education Institution as a teacher of painting and technique in 1930 and founded the painting department in 1933. He was appointed to the Directorate of Elementary Schools on 3 August 1935 as a representative and as principal in 1940. He continued this work until 1948. Afterwards he worked as a member of the Instruction and Training Committee and then he was appointed to Ankara Atatürk High School as a teacher of painting. He retired in 1954.


Elişleri Rehberi (Handicrafts Guide, 1927, in Arabic Alphabet), Mürebbinin Ruhu (The Spirit of a Teacher, 1931), Resim- Elişleri ve Sanat Terbiyesi (Painting- Handicrafts and Art Teaching, 1932), İş ve Meslek Terbiyesi (Profession and Vocation Teaching, 1933), Köyde Eğitim (Education in the Village, 1938), Canlandırılacak Köy (The Village to be Revived, 1939, under the name of Eğitim Yoluyla Canlandırılacak Köy - The Village to be Revived in the Manner of Education in 1947), İlköğretim Kavramı (The Concept of Elementary Education, 1947).


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