İsmail Âşıkoğlu

Roman Yazarı, Öykü Yazarı, Yazar

10 Haziran, 1940
İstanbul Institute of Education Department of Literature, Ege University School of Journalism and Public Relations, Ankara University Faculty of Education Department of Education in Fine Arts

Storywriter and novelist (b. 10 June 1940, Kılıçkaya / Yusufeli / Artvin). He attended Kars Kâzım Karabekir Primary School (1955), İstanbul Teacher Training School (1958), İstanbul Institute of Education, Department of Literature (1961) and graduated from Ege University, School of Journalism and Public Relations (1974) and from Ankara University, Faculty of Education, Department of Education in Fine Arts (1977). He worked as teacher at teacher training schools and high schools in Kars, Kütahya, İzmir and Ankara. After teaching at Buca School of Education, he became a lecturer at Bilkent University, where he still gives lectures.

He worked in bureaucratic positions for some time and was the General Director of Higher Education Credit and Pensions Institution (1978-80), Assistant General Secretary at the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality (1989-91) and as an advisor at government ministries and at the office of the Prime Ministry. He traveled across Italy, Northern Iraq and Georgia due to research.

His first article was published in the review Eğitim Hareketleri in 1959. His other articles appeared in the reviews Varlık, Türk Dili, Demokrat İzmir, Cumhuriyet, Yelken, Türk Folklor Araştırmaları, Kıyı and Arayış. He collected the Ministry of National Education Eminent Achievement Award in 1964; the Antalya Art Festival Short Story Award in 1975; certificates of acknowledgement from the General Directorate of Physical Education in 1978 and Göteborg Municipality in Sweden in 1989. He is member of the Turkish Authors Association and the Platform of Science, Administration and Culture of the Republican People’s Party.


SHORT STORY: Gitmek Üstüne (About Going Away, 1966).

NOVEL: Öfke Yutulmaz (Rage Cannot Be Swallowed, 1979), Güneş Susadı (The Sun is Thirsty, 1990).

In addition, he wrote various textbooks in collaboration and on his own.



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