Ülkü Ayvaz


Ankara University Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of Theatre

Writer (b. 1955, Bayburt). He graduated from İstanbul Davutpaşa High School (1974) and Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of Theatre (1980). He worked at the İstanbul Chamber of Pharmacists and then concentrated on writing.  He has written reviews, critiques and essays in the journals Oyun, Sanat Emeği, Türkiye Yazıları, Eğitim Mücadelesi, Havan, Ürün, Çağdaş Eleştiri, Hürriyet Gösteri, Cumhuriyet Pazar Eki and in the newspapers Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Yeni Yüzyıl from 1974. Also he has adapted screenplays of western directors such as Orson Welles and Antoinoi and has also written radio plays.

He won first rank at the Children’s Play Competition held by the Turkish Opera and Ballet Foundation with Şahane Lunapark (Wonderful Luna Park) in 1982. He received the Akademi Publishing House Short Story Success Award with İşlerin Yolunda Gitmesine Engel Olan Kim (Who Is Preventing Jobs Going Well?) in 1983, the of Enka Science Art Awards Story Competition first prize with Yeniden Yaratma (To Create Again) in 1984 and the award of the Ministry of Culture with Nihavent Longa (Nihavent Longa*) in 1993. He has been given various awards in the area of children’s play.  He received first prize at the Children’s Play Competition held by the Turkey National Assembly with his play Yaşasın Gökkuşağı (Long Live the Rainbow) in 1987.  His thirty two radio plays have been broadcast by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. His plays have been performed in private and state theatres in Russia, Germany and Macedonia. In his later plays, he gives more priority to an historical perspective.


SHORT STORY: İşlerin Yolunda Gitmesine Engel Olan Kim? (Who is Preventing Jobs Going Well?, 1983), Gri Oğullar (Grey Sons, 1985), Olaylar ve Kahramanlar (Events and Heroes, 1986).

REVIEW: Duvardan Gelen Sesler (Sounds Coming from the Wall, theatre reviews, 1986).

PLAY: Şahane Lunapark (Wonderful Luna Park, 1983), Yeniden Yaratma (To Create Again, 1985, performed in State Theatres), Yaşasın Gökkuşağı (Thanks a lot to Rainbow, 1987, performed in State Theaters), Teneke Şövalyeler (Tinplate Knight, children’s play, performed 1986-87, İzmir State Theatre), Vali-i Vilayet Hademe-i Devlet (Governor of A City-Servant of the State, 1987), Papatya (Daisy, 6 children plays, 1993), Troya’yı Özlüyorum (I Miss Troy, 1993), Toplu Oyunları I (Collected Plays, Nihavent Longa (Nihavent Longa*), Vali-i Vilayet Hademe-i Devlet (Governor of A City-Servant of the State), Yeniden Yaratma (To Create Again), 1995), Külhanbeyi Operası (Hooligan Opera, 1997, Bursa State Theatre)


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