Şule Yüksel Şenler


29 Mayıs, 1938
28 Ağustos, 2019

Writer (b. 29 May 1938, Mersin -  d. 28 August 2019, Istanbul). She was born as the biggest daugter of a family that have six children. She had to leave to school when she was at the second grade of her secondary education because of her families’ wishes. She raised herself. She started her writing life with a story that was published in Yelpaze review (1958-60) by Safa Önal. Her first though writing works were published in weekly Kadın newspaper (1961-63) under the title of of Duyuşlar-Görüşler (Sense-Opinion). In the same years her article, poem and story works were published in Medeniyet daily (Ankara) and Hür Sözler daily (published by Ahmet Polat, Erzurum). She has turned towards religious life style by leaving her modern life style.

Since 1966 her writing works in her new period has been published in Yeni İstiklal, Babıalide Sabah (she edited pages for woman) and Bugün (daily anecdote, 1967). She wrote head-writing works and she prepared pages for girls that she advised Islamic covering to them for Seher Vakti that she published - with her brother. She gave lectures about Position of Woman in Islam and Obligations of Them, Spiritual Crisis in Turkey and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by walking around the different city and district.

She was effective on absorbing of the covering the young girls especially in the period of education. Even if a lot of suit was opened against her, she was cleaned all of them. But in 1971 she was sentenced to prison because of the reason that she insulted to Prime Minister of that period and she was in prison for a while. Later her writing works were published in Millî Gazete (1974), Zaman (1988), Mektup (1988-89), Vahdet (1988-89) dailies and reviews. Her novel called Huzur Sokağı (Street of Peace) that was shown interest in much was adaptation to cinema as Birleşen Yollar (United Ways). Türkan Şoray starred in the film.


Hidayet (Liberation, 1969),Gençliğin Izdırabı (Pain of the Youth, 1970), Bize Ne Oldu? (What Happened to Us, 1970), Bir Bilinçli Öğretmene (For A Conscious, 1970), Sağ El (Right Hand, 1970), Yılanla Tilki (Snake and Fox, 1970), Huzur Sokağı (Street of Peace, 2 bindings, 1970, 73), Her Şey İslâm İçin (Everything is For Islam, 1974), Duyuşlar (Senses, 1975), İslâm'da ve Günümüzde Kadın (Woman in Today and Islam, 1975), Uygarlığın Gözyaşları (Tear of Civilization, 1990), Kız ve Çiçek (Girl and Flower, 1990).

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