Hamdullah Suphi Tanrıöver

Devlet Adamı, Eğitimci, Siyasetçi

10 Haziran, 1966
Galatasaray High School

Educationist, politician and civil servant (b. 1885, İstanbul - d. June 1966). He was the son of the Education Minister A. Suphi Paşa; he was the grandson of the first education minister A. Sami Paşa. After he finished Galatasaray High School (1904), he worked as a French, Turkish Literature and Pedagogy course teacher at Ayasofya Military High School (1908-1910), Teacher Training School (1910-1913) and at İstanbul University. He established the Chair of Turkish Islamic Fine Arts, where he lectured (1913-1920).

Being a founder of the Turkish Society, he was president from 1913 to 1931. He was elected as the representative of Antalya in the last Ottoman Parliament (1920). He was parliamentary deputy for Saruhan in the first parliament of the Turkish Republic. He was Minister of National Education twice, 1920-21 and again in 1925 on the foundation of The Turkish National Assembly (1920). Upon the closure of the Turkish Society, he was sent to Bucharest as ambassador. He worked as the Ambassador to Bucharest for a long time (1931-44). During this time, he was interested in the Gagauz Turkish people living in Dobruca and Basarabya villages. He provided the means to open schools, to each Turkish, to equip the schools and gave the opportunity for students to go to Turkey for education. He contributed to the establishment of a Turkish Cemetery in Bucharest for the Turkish fighters who died in World War I. After he returned to Turkey, he worked at the Turkish National Assembly as an İstanbul deputy. Between 1946 and 1950 he was again a parliamentary deputy. He lost the 1957 elections, in which he participated having left the Democrat Party and was a candidate of the Independence Party. After some time he left political life. He is buried in Merkez Efendi Graveyard.

His first poems were published in the newspaper Şurâyı Ümmet that was published in Paris. He published humorous articles and satires in the journal Davul (1908-1909) of which he was the head writer. He participated in the “Dawn of New Age Movement” and then in the “National Literature Contemporary Movement”. He was known for his speeches he made when he was working for the Turkish Society.


Dağyolu (Mountain Road, conference and speeches, 2 books, 1928-31), Günebakan (Sunflower, articles, 1929).

Selections from his books, which were made by Mustafa Necati Sepetçioğlu, were published by Ministry of National Education (1971).



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