Cihat Baban

Devlet Adamı, Gazeteci, Yazar

28 Eylül, 1984
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Statesman, journalist and writer (b. 1911, İstanbul - d.  28 September 1984, Ankara). He graduated from Galatasaray High School and İstanbul University, Faculty of Law (1934). He started working as a journalist after being a state judge and in a short time was promoted to head writer. He wrote for Son Posta, Doğu (Erzurum), Yeni Sabah, Cumhuriyet, Tasvir, Ulus, Yeni Gün and finally Son Havadis. His journalistic life continued for fifty years. He was a member of parliament from 1946 to 1957. He took part in the Constitutional Assembly in 1960. He was made the Minister of Press, Publishing and Tourism in the government of İnönü. He was chosen as the parliamentary deputy of İstanbul in 1961 and Çanakkale in 1965. After the 12 September he worked as the Minister of Culture on the establishment of the National Government.


Hitler ve Nasyonal Sosyalizm (Hitler and National Socialism, 1963), Yüzyılın Büyük Kavgası Çin-Rus Anlaşmazlığı (The Big Battle of the Century, the China-Russia Disagreement, 1968), Adenauer (Adenauer 1968), Ho-Şi-Minh  (Ho Chi Minh, 1968), Politika Galerisi  (Gallery of Politics, 1970).



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