Müfide Ferit Tek

Roman Yazarı, Yazar

24 Mart, 1971
Diğer İsimler
Sevim Bike

Novelist (b. 1892 – d. 24 March 1971, İstanbul). She graduated from the School of Political Science in Paris (1928). She began to write in the periodicals related to Millî Edebiyat* (The National Literature Movement), and during her life as a writer, she defended the views of Turanism and Turkism in her articles as well as in her novels. In her articles, which were published in the newspapers Millî Hakimiyet and İrfan, she supported the National Struggle. Her novel, Affolunmayan Günah (The Unforgiven Sin) about the National Struggle, was published in Germany.


Aydemir (Aydemir, 1918; new edition, 2002), Pervaneler (Propellers, 1924), Dile Unverzeihliche (The Unforgiven Sin, translated by Otto Spies, 1933; not published in Turkish).


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