Mina Köse

Yazar, Şair

Kişinev University

Poet and writer (b. 1933, Beşelma / Komrat / Moldova – d. 1999). Life of  Köse who came from a farmer family was spent within struggle. He passed difficult days, after World War II (1946-47). He was last period poem of Moldovan.

After he attended primary and secondary school, he graduated from Kişinev University. Almost he began to teach and he worked as a teacher for 15 years. He worked as a headmaster at Beçelma Museum for seven years. Then he became Ministry of Culture of Gagauz District. He wrote poem, story and memoir works. He was one of the people who express the respect for mother tongue.


Kısmet (Fortune, 1973), Kandaşlık (Blood Relativity, 1975), Umutlar (Hopes, 1988), Attım Ömürden (I Erase from My Life, 10991), Hazır Ol (Attention!, 1986), Gerçik Yerim (My Real Place, 1995).



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