Ahmet Kot

Çevirmen, Şair

01 Ekim, 1953
İstanbul University Faculty of Literature Department of Sociology

Poet and translator (b. 1 October 1953, Eskişehir). He attended primary and secondary school in his hometown. He studied at the Middle East Technical University for some time. He graduated from İstanbul University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Sociology. He worked at the Ministry of Culture (1974), the Translation Service of the Turkish Agricultural Supply Department (1975) and the İstanbul TV Channel of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (1975-76). Later on, he served as the assistant director of the editorial department of the newspaper Yeni Devir (1976-77) and as the London representative to the same newspaper (1977-78). In 1979, he established and managed Yeryüzü Publishing House, which he founded in collaboration with İsmet Özel and Nabi Avcı (1979-83). For a while, he was the head of the editorial department of the newspaper Millî Gazete (1985). In the same year he established Yazıevi Communication Services and was the art director of the organization, while he was also the Director of the Bosnia Center for Information and the Turkey and the Middle East representative of many international reviews. After 1991 he served as the Head of the İstanbul Branch of the Writers Union of Turkey and after 2002 became the assistant-general director of this organization. He is also a member of the Graphic Designers Trade Organization and the Foundation for Science and Art.

His early works appeared in the review Fikir ve Sanatta Hareket in 1971. His later works were published in the review Deneme ve Gelişme, which he published with his friends from Eskişehir and Ankara, and in Hareket, Diriliş, Edebiyat, Mavera, Yeni Türkiye, Millî Gazete, Yeni Devir. He received the Writers Union of Turkey Publisher Award in 1988.

WORKS (Poetry):

Sirkeler ve Sular (Vinegar and Water, 1988), Hasbahçe (Royal Garden, 1989).


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