Rüştü Şardağ

Yazar, Şair

27 Kasım, 1994
Ankara Gazi Institute of Education

Poet and writer (b. 1917, Halep - d. 27 November 1994, İzmir). He graduated from Ankara Gazi Institute of Education (1938) and the Institution for Public Administration for Turkey and the Middle East (1960). He worked as a Turkish and literature teacher at Ankara State Conservatory, the Music Instructors School and various secondary schools, as an advisor for Türk Ansiklopedisi (Turkish Encyclopedia, 1944) and as an a university lecturer at Ege University, School of Journalism and at the Faculty of Fine Arts. In the 1983 elections, he was elected as the İzmir parliamentary deputy for the Populist Party and in 1984 he resigned from this party and joined the independents. He wasn’t successful in the elections of 1987 and gave up politics.

His poems, essays, critical reviews and daily columns were published in the reviews and newspapers Varlık, Yeni Adam, Ülkü, Cumhuriyet, Vatan, Vakit, Ulus and Güneş from 1937. Rüştü Şardağ, who wrote on the literature of Divan* and translated from the literature of Iran, received the Grand Appreciation Medal of Iran in 1971 for his translations. Moreover, he was well known for his lyrics and compositions in the area of Turkish Classical Music.


Edebiyatımızda Vatan Duygusu (The Sense of Motherland in Our Literature, 1940), Ömer Hayyam'ın Rubaileri (Quatrains of Omer Khayyam, 2nd edition, 1960), Perişan Baba Taher ve Çift Beyitleri (Miserable Father Taher and Double Couplets, 1966), Şirazlı Hafez'den Gazeller (Lyric Poems of Şirazlı Hafez, 1970), Klasik Divan Şiirimiz (Our Classic Divan* Poetry, research-anthology, 1976), Allah Diyor ki (God Says This, research, 1976), Şair Sultanlar (Poet Sultans, 1982), Dâhi Besteci Buhûrizade Itrî (The Genius Composer Buhûrizade Itrî, 1984), Besmele Şerhi (Explanation of the Invocation of God, by Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli, 1985), Her Yönü İle Hacı Bektaş Veli (All Aspects of Hacı Bektaş Veli, 1985), Bütün Yönleriyle Hayyam (All Aspects of Khayyam, 1985).




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