Faik Ali Ozansoy

Bürokrat, Şair

22 Mart, 1876
01 Ekim, 1950
Mülkiye Mektebi (School of Political Sciences)
Diğer İsimler
Mehmet Faik, Faik Ali Bey, Zâhir (pen name)

Poet (b. 1875, Diyarbakır - d. 1 October 1950, Ankara). His real name was Mehmet Faik. He also used Zâhir as a pen name. He was the brother of poet and writer, Süleyman Nazif. After attending Mülkiye Mektebi (School of Political Sciences) (1901), her served as deputy lieutenant colonel in various places (1901-1908), as a lieutenant colonel in Balya, Pazarköy, Mudanya, governer in Midilli, Kırşehir, Beyoğlu, Kütahya and Gelibolu, as the governor of Diyarbakır district and as the undersecretary of ministry of domestic affairs (1908-18). He retired after serving as a teacher of French at School of Political Sciences and as a teacher of Turkish in Saint Benoit Private French High School (1930).

Faik Ali, who joined Servet-i Fünûn* (24 July 1897) with his poem Kehkeşana Karşı (Towards to the Milky Way) and held the director of the Dawn of the New Age society (1909) for a while, was recognized with his poems on love, women and nature which were technically very strong and wrote under the influence of Abdülhak Hamid and Tevfik Fikret. However, his language, flooded with Arabian and Persian words, mostly estranged him from naturalism from time to time (Nihad Sami Banarlı).


POETRY: Fâni Teselliler (Mortal Consolations, 1900), Temâsil (Symbols, 1912), Elhan-ı Vatan (Country Melodies, 1915).

PLAY (in aruz meter): Payitahtın Kapısında (At the Door of the Palace, 1918), Nedim ve Lale Devri (Nedim and the Tulip Age, 1950).

BIOGRAPHY: Mithat Paşa (Mithat Paşa, 1908).

LETTER: Şair-i Âzâm'a Mektup (Letter to Şair-i Âzâm, 1923).



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