Malik Aksel

Ressam, Yazar

15 Şubat, 1987
Berlin School of Fine Arts
Diğer İsimler
Malik Vicdani

Painter and writer (b. 1901, Thessalonica - d. 15 February 1987, İstanbul). He also used the pen name Malik Vicdani. He came to İstanbul after completing his primary education in Serez. He graduated from İstanbul Teachers College (1921). He studied painting at the Berlin School of Fine Arts between 1928 and 1932. He started to work as a teacher of painting and art history at Ankara Gazi Institute of Education after he returned. He transferred to Çapa Institute of Education in 1954 and retired in 1968.

He educated many students and staged painting exhibitions in Turkey and abroad that attracted great attention. He published his essays and conversations in the reviews Varlık, Hisar and Türk Edebiyatı.


Resim Sergisinde Otuz Gün (Thirty Days at the Painting Exhibition, 1943), İstanbul Mimarisinde Kuş Evleri (Bird Houses in Architecture in İstanbul, 1959), Anadolu Halk Resimleri (Anatolian Folk Paintings, 1960), Türklerde Dinî Resimler (Religious Paintings of the Turkish, 1967), Sanat ve Folklor (Art and Folklore, 1971), İstanbul'un Ortası (The Center of İstanbul, 1977).

Painting of Greens


Devamını Gör