Eugen Karagyaur

Yazar, Şair

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Eni Han

Poet and writer (b. 1923, Komrat / Moldova). He is a member of an educationalist family. His father was from Kuman Dynasty. He completed his education in Kuman.

Eni Han began to his literature studies when he was young. He wrote poem, story, article and interpretation works. He published these works in different reviews and newspapers. Now he is living in Canada.

WORKS (Poetry):

Daru Poemaları (Clear Poetries, 1978), Güz Poemaları (Autumn Poetries, 1989), Cau Poemaları (Cau Poetries, 1981), Basarabiyak Cane (1982), Hymne äli Amour (1991), Kuman Pirimtleri (Kuman Pyramids, 1995).



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