Lütfi Ay


28 Ekim, 1995
Ankara University Faculty of Languages History and Geography

Writer (B. 1911, Istanbul – D. October 28, 1995, Istanbul). He graduated from Galatasaray High School and Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Department of French Language and Literature (1949). He worked as a civil servant at several government agencies in Ankara and Istanbul; and as interpreter at Ministry of National Education, Office of Translations (1942-1949), as the general secretary of State Theatre (1949-1958) and as the teacher of Theatre History in State Conservatory. He was the vice president of International Theater Critics Union. He was awarded with several medallions due to his works.

He has translated around twenty works of P. A. Antoine, Maurice Rostand, Scribe, Louis Verneuil, Voltaire and Pedro Block; and all the plays among those were staged. His theatre critiques were published in journals such as Varlık, Türk Dili and Akis and newspapers such as Ulus, Cumhuriyet and Milliyet. He had a well-reputation because of these articles. He translated Voltaire’s Dictionary of Philosophy into Turkish.


PLAY: Le Théâtre Turc (1981).

TRANSLATION: Knistias (from Eflatun, with E. Günay, 1942), Felsefe Sözlüğü (from Voltaire, 1943), Timaios (from Eflatun, with E. Günay, 1943), Herakles (from Euripides, 1943), Avrupa Mukadderatının Yedi Muamması (from J. Romains, 1944?), Müellifle Aktör (from J. Copeao, 1945), Sevmek Korkusu (from Colette’den, with S. K. Yetkin, 1945?), Düşman (from A-P. Antoine, 1945), Öldürdüğüm Adam (from M. Rostand, 1946), Bir Bardak Su yahut Sebep ve Neticeler (from E. Scribe, 1946), Hayatının Son Yıllarında Goethe ile Konuşmalar (from J. R. Eckermann, with S. Baytın, 1947), Memo Bankası (from L. Verneuil, with F. Baldaş, 1949), Santiago Şövalyesi (from H. de Montherlant, with S. K. Yetkin , 1950), Miras (from R. ve A. Goetz, with R. C. Vâfi, 1952), Avare Kadın (from Colette, with S. K. Yetkin, 1957), Aşk Acısı (play, from M. Achard, 1958), Becket yahut, Tanrının Onuru (play, from J. Anouilh, 1972), Eurydice’nin Elleri (play, from P. Blach, 1980), Hastalık Hastası (from Moliére, 1982).

REFERENCE: TDE Ansiklopedisi (1976), TBE Ansiklopedisi (2001).


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