Raif Cilasun


19 Ağustos, 1998
Robert College

Writer. He was born in İzmir in 1906. While he was student at Sultani High School in Izmir, he had to pause his training because of the conquest of city by the Greeks. After the declaration of republic, he was registered at Imam Hatip School in Ödemiş. When the school was closed with the Unification of Education, he attended to Istanbul Robert College (1925). He learned English, French and Arabic and conducted studies in Greek. He was one of the founders of Sönmez Publishing, among the first institutions of religious publication in Turkey. He made great effort as a RPP deputy for having religion courses in primary schools and for the re-opening of Imam Hatip schools (1949). He was a pioneer for the establishment of Ilim Yayma Cemiyeti (1951). Then he established the Association for Protecting the Low Income People and Public Education Association in Izmir. He prepared the bylaw for Theology Associations Federations. He attempted to publish Yeni Istiklal magazine and a daily political newspaper. He committed his life for religious education services and worked effectively in Izmir at the Association of Student Teaching on Qur’an.


NOVEL: Kutsal Çile (1991), Beklenen Sabah, Dinmeyen Gözyaşları (1992),Oğlum Osman, Bir Annenin Feryadı (16. bas. 1994), Haram Lokma (1994), Gafiller (1997), Veysel Karani.

DICTIONARY Ansiklopedik Cep Rüya Tabirleri (1997).     

REFERENCE: Raif Cilasun / Haram Lokma (1994), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).



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