Özgen Seçkin

Yazar, Şair

23 Ocak, 1951
Ankara Gazi Institute of Education Department of Turkish
Diğer İsimler
Şafak Onur

Poet and writer (b. 23 January 1951, Yavuz village / Şavşat / Artvin). He also used Şafak Onur as a pen name. He received his primary education in his village. He graduated from Artvin High School and Ankara Gazi Institute of Education, Department of Turkish (1978). He received his degree at the Anatolian University. He worked as a teacher for a while. He established Damar Publications in 1989 and the review Damar in 1991. He wrote Literature and Turkish lecture books. He is still working as owner and director of the review Damar. He was arrested due to his poetry book titled Dört Mevsim Türküleri II  (Four Season Folksongs II) published in 1983 and his books were withdrawn from circulation, but later he was acquitted. He is a member of the Human Rights Association and the Turkish Authors Association.

His first works appeared part in the reviews Varlık, Tarla, Sanat in 1964. He published his articles and poems in the reviews, Damar, Kavram-Karmaşa, Evrensel Kültür, İnsancıl, etc. In the following years in which he wrote about the philosophical and contemporary issues of art although he did not neglect the issues of social struggle and humanity. He writes in a powerful voice, which takes its inspiration from the interwoven misery and happiness of life and strives to live in a world without making concessions. He is known for his poems on contemporary social issues. He won the 1992 Ministry of Culture Award with his poem İnsanım Arıyorum (I am Man, I am Searching), the Children’s Rights Association 1993 Best Children’s Literature with his work Dört Mevsim Türküleri (Four Season Folksongs) and the 2004 Ş.Avni Ölez Poetry Award with Yaşadığımız Kimi Saatler (Some Hours We Have Lived).


POETRY: Böldüm Yüreğimi Avuçlarına (My Heart Broke in the Palm of Your Hand, 1976), Dört Mevsim Türküleri 1  (Four Season Folksongs I, children’s poems, 1978), Dört Mevsim Türküleri 1I (Four Season Folksongs II, children’s poems, 1983), Dört Mevsim Türküleri (Four Season Folksongs, two books together, 1993), Sevmekten Başka (Except Loving, 1986), Bugünü Yaşayan Kalır (Who Lives Today, Stays, 1986), Onyıl (Ten Years, 1991), Kırkbeşlik Aşk Yalnızı (Forty-five-Year Old Lonely Love, 1997), Hayata Ufalanmış Şiirler (Poems of Life Broken into Small Pieces, 1999), Yaşadığımız Kimi Saatler (Some Hours We Have Lived, 2004).




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