Abdulhamit Süleyman Çolpan

Yazar, Şair

04 Ekim, 1958
Tashkent University
Diğer İsimler
Kalender, Andicalık, Çolpan, Mirza Kalender

Poet and writer (b. 1897, Andican / Turkmenistan - d. 4 September, 1958). He used pen names Kalender, Andicalık, Çolpan, Mirza Kalender. He completed his education where he was born. It is said that he grown up reading the works of Ali Şîr Nevaî and Babür. After graduating from Tashkent University, he learned the district languages. He gave works in variety of literature. He worked in the newspaper published in Orenburg Vakit for a while. He served as the secretary of National Government of Bashkort Turks in 1917-18.

He gained the heart of the people with his poems in Turkistan where he turned back. As he was seen as dangerous for Soviet government, he arrested many times and was killed in prison. He was acquitted in 1956 with the declaration of his murdering was a mistake. He was appreciated with the Ali Şir Nevai State Award in 1991. He was a renowned poet in Turkic world and he had a clear and fluent way of speaking. His poems were published in the newspapers Seda-i Türkistan, Türkistan, Seda-i Fergana, etc.


POETRY: Tang Sırleri (The Secrets of Tanks), Tashkent'te Oyganış (Awakening in Tashkent, 1992), Bulakler, Yene Aldim Sazimni (I again Took my Instrument).

SHORT STORY-NOVEL: Kar Koynide Lale (Tulip under the Snow), Yav, Keçe ve Kündüz (Night and Day).

PLAY: Halil Fereng (Halil Fereng), Çoriningi İsyanı (Çoriningi Rebellion).



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