İlhan Koman


30 Aralık, 1986
Istanbul Fine Arts Academy (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) Department of Sculpture

Sculptor (B. 1921, Edirne - D. 30th December 1986, Stockholm / Sweden). After having completed his secondary education in Edirne, he entered the Painting Department of the İstanbul Güzel Sanatlar Akademisi (T.N. Istanbul Fine Arts Academy) in 1941. The following year, he passed to the department of sculpture and he became the student of Rudolph Belling. When he finished the academy (1946), he went to Paris with the scholarship he won and he worked on sculpture for five years there. He participated to the exhibition Realités Nouvelles (New Realities) in 1948. He came back to Turkey in 1951 and he became an assistant in the department of sculpture of the academy. He continued his sculpture works between the years of 1951-58. Besides, together with Şadi Çalık and Sadi Öziş, he founded the atelier named “T Galeri” aiming to produce metal furniture. In 1955, he participated to the establishment of “Grup Espas”, together with the architects Tank Carım and Hadi Bara. In 1957, he was assigned as the teacher of the metal atelier of the academy.

In these years, he made the embossments in the east side of Anıtkabir, together with Zühtü Müritoğlu. Some of his works of this period were exhibited in the biennales of 1956 Venice and 1957 Sao Paulo. In 1959, he left his position in the academy and he went to Sweden. In 1967, he became an academic member in the Stockholm High School of Applied Arts and he continued this work until the end of his life.

Koman, who examined closely various art movements since his years of studentship, also examined closely the contemporary art movement when he was in France and he adopted the geometric-abstract perception. He made expressionist-abstract works in the years of 1963-64. After 1965, a lyric-abstract expression was started to be seen in his works. He made experimental works on geometric shapes in the beginnings of the 1970s. In addition to completely geometric-abstract sculptures, he also realized a series of sculptures name Sonsuz that were the synthesis of figurative and geometric shapes. He created a dynamic installation with a spiral arrangement in these works. In 1980, he screwed the metal bars to each other and he created a series of monumental sculpture that recalled the antique Nike sculptures.

The project of Koman winning the first place in the competition of square arrangement in Sundsvall in 1967 was implemented in 1971. In 1970, his work named Leonardo Anıtı was deemed worthy of one of the first price awards (together with the architect Çetin Kanra) in the competition of the sculpture to be put in front of the Municipality Building of Örebro. This work was bought by the Swedish government afterwards and was put in front of the Stockholm Architecture High School. In 1981, he won the Sedat Simavi Vakfı Görsel Sanatlar Ödülü (T.N. Visual Arts Award from the Sedat Simavi Foundation), together with the painter Yüksel Arslan. He participated in the expedition of the Grönningen Group in Denmark as a guest artist in 1986. 

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