Bilgin, Divan Şairi

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Şeyhülislâm Mehmed

Schloar and Divan* poet (b. 1596, İstanbul - d. 1654). He was the son of Abdülaziz Efendi, one of the military judges of Rumelia and the grandson of historian and Muslim preacher, Saadeddin Efendi. He was raised at Madrasah Muslim Theology School. He worked as a teacher in İstanbul at theological schools, and as a Muslim judge in Thessalonica, Damascus, Aleppo, Edirne and İstanbul. He was also a military judge in Anatolia and Rumelia and the Head of Religious Affairs. He was relived of his duties when he seized and imprisoned an English criminal and refused to hand him back to the English Ambassador, but he was reinstated later.

Baha, who gave a judicial decision about the “tobacco dispute”, is known for his forty odes and his nazires*. He is counted as one of the master poets of his time with his sensitive and witty poems. His Divan* was published by Saadettin Nüzhed Ergun in the book; Şeyhülislâm Bahayi- Hayatı ve Eserleri (Şeyhülislâm Bahayi- His Life and Works, 1933)


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