Hamiyet Yüceses

Ses Sanatçısı

10 Temmuz, 1996

Vocal artist (B. 1915, Istanbul –D. 10th July 1996, Muğla). She went to Hacı Kadın Primary School. She attracted attention with her beautiful voice at her young ages and when she was eleven years old, she gave her first professional concert in Burhaniye. After having worked in various towns in Anatolia for 4-5 years, she stayed in Gaziantep for a long time. In 1932, she started to work in Londra Birahanesi within the staff of Safiye Ayla. She took private lessons from Selahattin Pınar, Sadettin Kaynak, Yesari Asım Arsoy, Mısırlı İbrahim and Bimen Şen. In 1932 she was given the title of Turkey Voice Queen in a competition, held in Kadıköy Mısıroğlu Bahçesi. In 1933 she attended radio programs in Istanbul Radio and recorded albums. When the Surname Law was released, she adopted Yüceses as her surname upon the requests of Sadettin Kaynak and Selahattin Pınar.

In 1940 she married Fethi Yüceses, a sergeant in the navy. She lost her husband when the submarine Atılay sunk on 14th July 1942, an incident known as the Atılay faciası (Atılay Tragedy) in Turkish history. Her song about her husband Gitti de Gelmeyiverdi  became very famous. She increased her fame with Makber, of which the lyrics belonged to Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan, and composed by Mehmet Baha, a very difficult song to perform. She worked in the position of star performer at Taşlık Gazinosu, Maksim Gazinosu, Küçük Çiftlik Parkı, Kristal Gazinosu, and other famous music halls in Istanbul of the time.

She married Kemal Mollaoğlu in 1944. She took charge in Istanbul Municipality Conservatory, Turkish Music Executive Board. In 1946, she performed Bakmıyor Çeşm-i Siyah, a work of Hacı Arif Bey, adding a gazelle in it as well. She received commission from İstanbul Radio, which was established in 1949, until the end of 1953. In 1950, she donated the money she received from Istanbul Radio to university students. She gave awards with the name “Hamiyet Award” in literature competitions held by University Students' Association. She gave concerts in Syria, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Germany, and the USA. She conducted a programme in the BBC Radio.



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