Vasıf Öngören

Yönetmen, Dramaturg, Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Yazar

15 Şubat, 1938
14 Mayıs, 1984

Playwright (b. 1938, Tavşanlı / Kütahya – d. Amsterdam, 15 May 1984). Ferit Öngören is his brother.  He studied at İstanbul University, Department of Geophysics for some time. Going to Germany in 1961, he studied Epic Theatre in West and East Berlin. After he worked as a stage director in Ankara, he settled in Holland.  He gave theatre courses to Turkish youngsters at a foundation called STIPT in Amsterdam for two years.

His first play Göç (Migration) was performed at the Gençlik Tiyatrosu (Youth Theatre). Being one of the pioneers of Epic Theatre in Turkey, Vasıf Öngören became well known for his play Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur (How Will Asiye Be Rescued?, 1970).  Some of his plays were adapted for the cinema.  With his play Zengin Mutfağı (Rich Cuisine), he received the 1977 İsmet Küntay Award and the 1977-78 Award given by the Art Appreciation Association.


PLAY: Göç (Migration, 1967), Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur (How Will Asiye Be Rescued?, 1970), Almanya Defteri (German Notebook, a new version of the play Göç, 1971), Oyun Nasıl Oynanmalı (How a Play Should Be Acted, 1974), Zengin Mutfağı (Rich Cusine).

CHILDREN’S NOVEL: Masalın Aslı (Origin of the Fairytale).



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