Ufuk Güldemir

Gazeteci, Yazar

10 Haziran, 2007
Ankara University, Faculty of Language History and Geography Department of English Language and Literature

Journalist and writer (b. 1956, Elazığ – d. 10 Jun 2007, İstanbul). He graduated from Kayseri American Collage, Ankara University, Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of English Language and  Literature. He studied in West Berlin Institute of Jurnalism by scholarship. He began to work as a jurnalist in the newspaper Hür Anadolu  in Ankara, in 1976, the newspaper Dünya (1978), Turkish News Agent (1979) and in the Ankara Branch of the newspaper Cumhuriyet (1981-85). He worked as trainee in the newspapers USA Today and Washington Post in the United States by scholarship in 1985. After his return, he was appointed as the chief of the Service of İstanbul News Research of the newspaper Cumhuriyet (1986).

After 12 September 1980, he was renowned his books on the problems of Turkish foreign policy. Then he work as editor-in chief in private television channels. He received Bülent Dikmener News Award in 1982 and the Progressive Journalist Association Award several times. He received the Writers Union of Turkey Study Award with Çevik Kuvvetin Gölgesinde (Under the Shadow of the Riot Police) in 1986.

WORKS: Kanat Operasyonu Ticaret (Wing Operation Commerce, 1985), Çevik Kuvvetin Gölgesinde Türkiye (Turkey under the Shadow of the Riot Police, 1986). 

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık / Resimli ve Metin Örnekli Türkiye Edebiyatçılar ve Kültür Adamları Ansiklopedisi (2006, 2007).



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