Burhan Apaydın

Member of Parliament, Lawyer, Memoirist, Jurist, Politician

22 April, 2013
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

Lawyer. Even though the Istanbul Baro boards of directors forbid it in May 27, 1960, he took the statement of Adnan Menderes together with his brother Orhan Apaydın. During the lawsuits of Yassıada, he was arrested with the reason of “provocation for armed rebellion” because of his outburst as a lawyer and he was sent to Balmumcu Military Prison. He was released after three and a half months and he was asked to give up defending Menderes but Burhan Apaydın continued to defend him fearlessly.  When he wanted to read the letter which was sent to Adnan Menderes right before May 27th by State Minister General Cemal Gürsel and in case of reading during the court it would possibly save Menderes, he was arrested again and he was released after one week of the execution of Menderes. In 1961, Burhan Apaydın was elected as Ankara Congressman and continued to his work until 1965. One of his two books Adaleti Arayan Adam (2004) was published which was pulled off the shelves by martial law in 1961 and was sent to SEKA paper factory.

REFERENCE: İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).


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