Divan Şairi

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Mustafa (real name), Fehim-i Kadîm, Uncuzade

Poet (b. 1627, İstanbul - d. 1648, Ilgın / Konya). His real name was Mustafa. In order to be distinguished from the poet, Fehim, he is known as Fehim-i Kadim and Uncuzade (Son of the Flour Merchant) due to his father's job in Egypt. He went to Egypt as a civil servant with Eyüp Paşa who was appointed as Governor of the Province of Egypt. He went to Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina. When he fell from the Paşa’s favor, he lived in poverty. He asked to return to İstanbul with the help of the Janissary Officer Nevali Mehmed Bey but when he was near Ilgın, he died from a sickness.

He became well known amongst contemporary poets with his choice of words and the lyric beauty of his narration. Besides his little Divan* which contains his poems, he wrote a Mesnevi* called Şehrengiz (City Book). Leskofçalı Galip, Hersekli Arif Hikmet, Yenişehirli Avni and Namık Kemal all wrote poems imitating his style. The Divan* of Fehim was published by S. Nüzhet Ergun in 1934.


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