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19 Ağustos, 1946
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Fedon Kalyoncu

Singing artist. Born in Istanbul on August 19, 1946. His full name is Fedon Kalyoncu. His father is Rum and his mother is Armenian. His grandfather Kleanti Kalyoncu was martyred during the Dardanelles War. The famous film artist Nubar Terziyan is his uncle. He discontinued his education in Zoğrafyan Rum High School and worked at several positions in the cinema industry (1962-72). He opened Zorba Taverna in 1987.

He released his first album called Senin İçin in 1991. He became to first singer singing in Greek on TRT. He has a daughter called Natali and a son called Theo from his marriage with Eda Kalyoncu. Fedon, who wears a cross earring on one ear and the star and crescent earring on the other ear, lives at his house in Büyükada.

HIS WORKS (Album):

Senin İçin (1991), Nerdesin (1994), Bir Kadın Var - Bi Tanem (1997), Sevdiklerimize (2000).



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