Ahmet Emin Yalman

Gazeteci, Yazar

19 Aralık, 1972
Columbia University Department of Philosophy

Journalist and writer (b. 1988, Thessalonica – d. 19 December 1972, İstanbul). He graduated from the İstanbul German School (1907) and Columbia University, Department of Philosophy. When he returned from the United States as a doctor of philosophy, he became an assistant of sociology to Ziya Gökâlp for a time (1914). In the years of armistice, he was exiled to Malta with the members of Committee of Union and Progress (1920). He established the review Vatan with Ahmet Şükrü Esmer and Enis Tahsin in 1923. He was a representative of foreign newspapers when his newspaper was closed for a time.

He wrote for the review Kaynak (1936) and the newspaper Tan besides the newspaper Vatan, which he republished in 1940 and was editor until 1960. He was imprisoned for one and a half years because of one of his article in 1959. He was given the Great Courage Award by California and Georgia Universities in the United States where he went after being released from prison (1960). He was given the State Culture Award in 1967.


Gerçekleşen Rüya (A Dream That Comes True, 1938), Havalarda 50.000 km (50.000 km in Air, in 3 volumes, 1943), Naziliğin İçyüzü (The Truth of Nazism, 1943), Yarının Türkiye'sine Seyahat (Journey to the Turkey of Tomorrow, 1944), San Francisco'da Neler Gördüm (What Did I See in San Francisco?, 1945), Turkey in My Time 1956, Yakın Tarihte Gördüklerim ve Geçirdiklerim (Things That I Saw and Experienced in Recent History, 4 volumes, 1970).



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