Sabahattin Selek

Gazeteci, Siyasetçi, Yazar

20 Ocak, 1990
Military Academy

Politician and writer (b. 1921, Erbaa / Tokat – d. 1990, İstanbul). He graduated from Bursa Military High School (1939) and the Military Academy. He left the army where he had worked for a while and established the review Ant in Bursa. After he had worked as an administrator for the Republican People’s Party (1947-50), he established Selek Publications. After the 27 May Coup d’Etat, he worked for many years as the Director General of the Press Advertising Organization, of which he was also a founder. When he left this work in 1972, he established a private preparatory school named the Center for Western Languages. He served in parliament after being elected the Ankara deputy for the Republican People’s Party. He won the 1966 Yunus Nadi Award held by the newspaper Cumhuriyet with his work Anadolu İhtilali (Anatolian Revolution). He is well known for his books on modern history.


Anadolu İhtilali (Anatolian Revolution, 1965), 

İnönü'nün Hatıraları (The Memories of İsmet İnönü, 1969, 1988),      Millî Mücadele (The National Struggle, 1971).




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