Fatih Altaylı

Televizyon Programı Sunucusu, Radyo Sunucusu, Televizyoncu, Gazeteci

Galatasaray High School

Journalist, Radio and TV host. He was born in 1963, Van. He graduated from Galatasaray High School. He began with his journalism career as a sports reporter in Cumhuriyet newspaper. He established Best FM, a private radio in 1993. He started to work in Show TV and Show Radio in 1995. He was the news anchorman in the same channel and he started the program Teke Tek, which caused him reputation. In 1996, he was transferred to Dogan group and wrote columns in Hürriyet newspaper, and he became the general coordinator of Radio D. In 2002, he became the executive editor of Kanal D news, and then

he was transferred to Sabah newspaper as executive editor; but this ended when TMSF seizure the newspaper in 2007. In 2009, he worked as executive editor in Habertürk newspaper, established by his former boss Dinç Bilgin, until the end of 2013. He continued writing his articles in www.fatihaltayli.com.tr and www.haberturk.com. He has also presented the News of Channel 1.

 He was one of the vice presidents of Galatasaray Sports Club for a term and he received the "Honorary Award for Contribution to Education" which was provided jointly by TIKAD and European Journalists' Association. He pioneered campaigns such as "Girls Go to School", "One Minute of Darkness for Constant Light" and Clean Internet". He is married to Hande Altaylı and father of a girl named Zeynep.

He has explained his views on journalism and several issues in the book named   Fatih Altaylı ile Teke Tekin which he answered the questions of Huseyin Latif, Bilge Demirkazan and Mireille Sadege in 2005.

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