Erzurumlu İbrahim Hakkı

Mutasavvıf, İslam Bilgini, Şair

18 Mayıs, 1703
22 Haziran, 1783

Poet and philosopher (b. 1703, Erzurum – d. 1780, Tillo (Aydınlar) / Siirt). He went to his father and became a disciple of Şeyh İsmail Fakirullah in Tillo village when he was a boy. He continued his study at Erzurum where he returned after his father’s death when he was 17. He took Arabian and Persian courses from Hazik Mehmed Efendi. He married to the grand daughter of Tillo Sheikh, Fatimetü’l Azize in Tillo where he went later on. After having stayed in Tillo for fifteen years, he accepted the invitation of Mahmud I in 1752 went to İstanbul and Hecaz for three times and traveled to Egypt. His tomb was in Tillo, next to his sheikh.

İbrahim Hakkı of Erzurum mostly became known for his book Marifetname (The Book of Skills). Physical sciences are in great important in this book as well as social sciences. His Divan* was published in İ. Turgut Ulusay in 1974, his mani’s (little folk poems in syllabic meter) were published by Âmil Çelebioğlu in 1985. Marifetname was published many times simplified.

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