Rauf Denktaş

Cumhurbaşkanı, Hukukçu

27 Ocak, 1924
14 Ocak, 2012
Lincoln’s Inn
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Rauf Raif Denktaş

Statesman (b. 27 January 1924, Baf (Papjos) / Cyprus – d. 14 January 2012, Lefkoşa / Cyprus). He completed his primary education at İstanbul Feyziati Primary School (1930) and Nicosia Selimiye Primary School (1932) and secondary education at Nicosia English School. He studied law in England. He graduated from Lincoln’s Inn (London, 1947). In the same year, he returned to Cyprus and worked as a public prosecutor between 1949 and 1958. He was a member of the Constitution Council that was organized by the Cypriot governor of the time in 1948. After he resigned from his post in the government, he was appointed as Director of the Turkish Institutions Federation of Cyprus. He worked in the preparation of the English edition of the newspaper Halkın Sesi. He resigned from his post at the Turkish Institutions Federation of Cyprus after being selected as the Director of the Turkish Community Assembly and Executive Committee in 1960.

He published the newspaper Nacak between 1960 and 1963. He was exiled by the government for participating in covert operations for the Turk Cypriot community. He returned to the island in 1968 and represented the Turkish community in the negotiations between the two communities until 1974. He was selected as Chairman of the Turkish Community Assembly in the July 1970 general elections. He was appointed to this post again on 16 February 1973, and inaugurated on 28 February 1973 as the Vice President of Cyprus and Chairman of the Turk Cypriot Administration. He declared the Cypriot Turkish Federal State on 13 February 1975 after the 1974 Turkish Peace Operation and served as the President and Speaker.

He was elected president after the elections in 1976 and 1981. He declared the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983 and continues his office as president having been reelected in 1990, 1995 and 2000. He wrote the screenplay İşgal Altında (Under Siege) that was filmed by director Ünal Küpeli in 1992 and broadcast by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation; however it has not been published. Besides his official duties, he has focused on writing and photography. He has been given nearly fifty awards by various organizations including honorary doctorates and professorships.


Saadet Sırları (Secrets of Happiness, 1941), Ateşsiz Cehennem (Hell Without Fire, 1944), Criminal Cases (1953), A Handbook of Criminal Cases (1955), On İkiye Beş Kala (Five Past Twelve, 1964), The Cyprus Problem (1968), The Akritas Plan (1968), A Short Discourse on Cyprus (1972), Gençlerle Başbaşa (With the Young, 1981), The Cyprus Triangle (1982), Gençlerle Hasbihal (Chat with the Young, 1982), The Cyprus Problem in a Nutshell (1983), Gençlere Öğütler (Advices to the Young, 1985), Kadın ve Dünya (Women and the World, 1985), Kur'an'da İlhamlar (Inspirations in the Koran, 1986), İmtihan Dünyası (World of Exams, 1986), Yarınlar İçin (For Tomorrow, 1986), UN Speeches on Cyprus (1986), Seçenekler ve Kıbrıs Türkleri (Options and Cypriot Turks, 1986), Cyprus An Indictment and Defense (1987), The Cyprus Problem, 23rd Year (1987), My Vision for Cyprus (1988), Atatürk, Din ve Laiklik (Atatürk, Religion and Secularism, 1989), Gençlerle Sohbet (Conversations with the Young, 1990), Kıbrıs'ta Bitmeyen Kavga (The Never Ending Struggle in Cyprus, 1991), Kıbrıs Davamız (Our Cyprus Case, 1991), İlk Altı Ay (The First Six Months, 1991), What is the Cyprus Problem (1991), A Challenge on Cyprus (1990), Denktaş As A Photographer, Images From Northern Cyprus (1991), The Cyprus Problem and the Remedy (1992), From My Album (1992), O Günler (Those Days, 1993), Images From Northern Cyprus (1993), Vizyon (The Vision, 1994), Kapılar (The Doors, 1995), Observations on The Cyprus Dispute (1996), Kıbrıs Meselesinde Son Durum (Last Situation of the Cyprus Issue, 1996), Rum Yunan İkilisi: İstenmeyen Cumhuriyetten Nereye? (The Rum Greeks of Turkish Nationality/the Greek: Where to the Unwanted Republic?, 1996), Karkot Deresi (Karkot River, 1996), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, I. Cilt: 1964 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş, 1st volume: 1964, 1996), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, II. Cilt: 1965 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 2nd Volume: 1965, 1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıralar / 1964-74, III. Cilt: 1966 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 3rd Volume: 1966, 1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, IV. Cilt: 1967 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 4th Volume: 1967, 1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, V. Cilt: 1968 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 5th Volume: 1968, 1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, VI. Cilt: 1969 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 6th Volume: 1969, 1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, VII. Cilt: 1970 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 7th Volume: 1970, 1997), Kalbimin Sesi (The Voice of My Heart, 1997), In Search of Justice (1997), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-7, VIII. Cilt: 1971-72 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 8th Volume: 1971-72, 1998), Rauf Denktaş'ın Hatıraları / 1964-74, IX. Cilt: 1973-74 (Memoirs of Rauf Denktaş / 1964-74, 9th Volume: 1973-74, 1999), Kıbrıs Girit Olmasın (Let Cyprus Not Be Crete, 2004).



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