Enver Ören

Medya Patronu, Yönetici, İş İnsanı

10 Şubat, 1939
22 Şubat, 2013
Istanbul University Faculty of Natural Sciences

Administrator, businessman, founder of Ihlas Holding. (B. February 10, 1939; Honaz/Denizli - D. February 22, 2013, Istanbul). He completed his primary and secondary education in Denizli. He was a student at Kuleli Military High School. He graduated from Faculty of Natural Sciences in 1961. He was awarded with a NATO scholarship in 1961 and went to Napoli for 1,5 years in order to conduct occupational studies. Upon his return, he worked at university as a lecturer. He left the university and the academic life in 1970 and started with journalism career along with some of his friends, publishing the Hakikat newspaper.  He changed the name of newspaper as "Türkiye".  After a while, he established the Ihlas Foundation with his friends.

When Enver Ören was executing his military service in 1964; he met the famous mystic leader and author Huseyin Hilmi Işık and took lectures from him. He was married to the daughter of Hilmi Işık, Dilvin Ören. In 1989, his newspaper had a circulation record. In 1993, he established Ihlas Holding which is active in construction, media, automotive, soda, food, house appliances and tourism sectors; and Ihlas News Agency and TGRT. The TGRT channel that was owned by him was very effective helping to understand the religion and culture accurately in Turkey.

Enver Ören had many illnesses during the final stages of his life. He had two kidney transplants in 1990 and 2006. Long lasting treatments made him weak. He had an apoplexy on January 28, 2013 and was hospitalized at Memorial Hospital in Şişli. He died on February 22, 2013. His funeral was held at Eyup Sultan Mosque with the participation of thousands of people. After the funeral prayer, he was buried next to his father-in-law Huseyin Hilmi Isık and mother-in-law Nefise Siret Isık in Eyup Sultan Cemetery. His son Mücahid Ören (B. 1972) replaced him.

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