Ayten Gökçer

Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Oyuncu

26 Ocak, 1940
Ankara State Conservatory
Diğer İsimler
Ayten Gökçer Kaçmaz

Film and theater actress. She was born on Ocak 26th, 1940, Ankara. Her full name is Ayten Gökçer Kaçmaz. He is the wife of he former General Director of the State Theatre, Cüneyt Gökçer who is also film and theater actor and director like Ayten Gökçer. Her talent wass discovered by her mother and thanks to her mother, Gökçer started to study ballet in Ankara State Conservatory on 1952. Thanks to her mother again, she entered the Ankara State Theatre’s Children's Department (1957). She states that she had a great excitement while she was on the stage for the first time to perform in Mümtaz Taşkın’s “Oyuncakçı Dede”. Following this, she portrayed the nurse character in Eleneor H. Porter's “Pollyanna”.

Passing the exams of the State Theatre, she was tenured as an actress in State Theaters in 1958. Her debut was Reşat Nuri Güntekin’s play “Bu Gece Başka Gece” in the State Theater. Besides, her performance as Danceuse Pandora, which was among the first performances, was admired. Undoubtedly, this success resulted from her ballet education. She stuck in the mind of the audience through her performances as Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady”,  Aldonza in “Don Quixote”, Yelena Andrayevna in “Uncle Vanya”, Hürmüz in “Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz” and Maria Callas in “Master Class”.

Gökçer’s debut in cinema was “Taçsız Kral” (T.N. Uncrowned King) with Metin Oktay, the legendary football player of Galatasaray football team and Scorer King in 1965. Then, she played in “İçli Kız Funda”, “501 Nolu Hücre”. However, she opted for the theatre rather than the cinema. She was admired with her performance as Hürmüz in the musical named “Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz.”

She was selected for the “Best Actress Award” for her performance in the plays: “Kaktüs Çiçeği”(T.N. Cactus Flower) (1966) and “My Fair Lady” by the Art Enthusiasts Association. She also took the stage for these plays: “Bu Gece Başka Gece”, Su Kızı, Hafta Başı, Aşk Acısı, Klinik Bir Vaka, Hortlaklar, Bernarda Alba’nın Evi, Woyzeck, Don Juan, Öp Beni Kate (T.N. Kiss Me Kate), Andora, On İkinci Gece (T.N. The Twelfth Night), Vanya Dayı (T.N. Uncle Vanya), Kaktüs Çiçeği, IV. Henri (T.N. Henry the 4th), Cadı Kazanı, Lysistrata, Mançalı Don Kişot, Hastalık Hastası (T.N. A Valetudinarian), Tarla Kuşuydu Juliet, Bağdat Hatun, Gecikenler, Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz, Kim Korkar Hain Kurttan?  In 1987, she was awarded with the title of State Artist.

In the 1980s, she got to the top with the television series of “Yedi Kocalı Hürmüz.”  When she was in her mid-forties, she started to play in another TV serial named “Önce Canan”, but the other leading actress of the serial Sumru Yavrucuk was also admired with her performance. For this reason, she left the series and the series continued without her. However, she returned to her career in television with “Yılan Hikayesi” after many years. In 1999, she also staged a play named “the Ballerina”.

She was given the “The Best Actress of the Year” by the Art Enthusiasts Association (1967 and 1971); “The Best Artist of the Year” by the Association of Journalists (1975), “Outstanding Service Award” by the Turkish Ministry of Culture (1966), and “Our Proud Artists Award” in commemoration of the 75th year of the Turkish Republic (1998). In 1962, she married Cüneyt Gökçer, who was the theater actor and director just like her and the former General Director of the State Theatres. The couple has a daughter named Aslı and a grandson named Efe.



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