Besim Tibuk

İş İnsanı, Siyasetçi

Ankara University Faculty of Political Science Department of Diplomacy

Businessman, politician. He was born in 1945 in the Araklı village of Fındıklı district in Rize. He completed the primary school in Murgul and the secondary school education in Kars, Artvin and Rize. He completed the high school in 1962 in USA where he went with the AFS scholarship. He returned home and graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Political Science, Department of Diplomacy in 1968. He worked in the Institute of State Statistics when he was a college student. He completed a high specialization in business administration in Business and Economics Institute in 1971.

He began his working life at the age of fourteen. He entered the tourism sector as a translator-guide in the year 1964. Then he served as the administrator of the travel offices.

Then he founded Net Turizm, which is the core of the Net Holding, by organizing the translator guides in 1974. He expanded the Net Group and made it become one of the largest companies in the tourism sector. Tibuk survived the financial crisis he entered after 1980 by selling the Netbank he owned. He continued his commercial life with the Merit International hotel chains and Net Holding.

He joined the political life by taking part in the re-establishment of the Demokrat Party. He was the Istanbul Provincial Chairman of the DP for a period of time. Besim Tibuk, who resigned from his office, founded Liberal Party on July 26th 1994. The party was renamed as the Liberal Demokrat Party after a while. Besim Tibuk, who is the owner of Abdi İpekçi Peace and Friendship Prize, is married and has four children.



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