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Abdulbaki Ali

Poet (B. 1866, Diyarbakir- D. 1328/ September 1912, Diyarbakir). His full name is Abdulbaki Ali. He completed his training at his hometown. He was employed at Province Letters Office and at Documents Office as a chief. He also taught dictation lectures at Military High School.

His poems were in the form of Diwan poems and they were written in parallel with the poems of Muallim Naci which were published at newspapers of Peyman, Dicle and Mücahid. His sole book of poems Nale was published in 1896. He could not have the chance to publish his book of poems named Sabaha Karşı in which he collected his new poems during his last years. His death caused great sorrow in his hometown. Vast publications on his life and works were issued in the newspapers of Diyarbakir.

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