Afif Yesari

Tiyatro Oyuncusu, Oyuncu, Yazar

16 Nisan, 1922
23 Ağustos, 1989
Diğer İsimler
İzzet Günkaya, Muzaffer Ulukaya

Writer (b. 16 April 1922, İstanbul – d. 23 August 1989). He was son of Mahmut Yesari. He educated himself after attending primary school. He started his theater work at Atila Revü Musical Comedy as a dancer in 1945. He was the leading actor at the play “Sel” (The Flood) that was performed at Ses Theater in 1961. He worked as a program director at İstanbul Technical University Television. He entered into cinema in 1947.

His first article was published in the review Yeni Edebiyat in 1940. He wrote nearly two hundred detective novels under the pseudonym Muzaffer Ulukaya. He wrote the screenplay of the first television play that was played at İstanbul Technical University Television. He published magazine and film reviews in the reviews and newspapers. He worked as a leading actor in traveling theaters. He was the first playwright who removed dialogues in theater and used the “Thought Theater” technique, which is a technique expresses the thoughts of heroes through the speaker. Atif Yesari is also playwright, director and player of the first play that was performed in television. He opened a poetry exhibition for first time.


SHORT STORY: Tren Yolu (The Railway, 1949), Hafta Tatili (The Weekend, 1954).

INTERVIEW: İşte Beyoğlu (This is Beyoğlu, 1950).

ESSAY-RESEARCH: Artist Olmak Sanatı (Art of Being An Artist, articles on cinema, 1965), Düşünce Tiyatrosu (Thought Theater, theory and a one act play Olduğu Gibi (As It is) , 1966), Ölüm Şatosu (Château of Death, 1967), Ruhlar Konuşuyor (Spirits are Speaking, 1971), Bedensiz Varlıklar ve Ruhsal Olaylar (Beings Without a Body and Spiritual Events, 1983), İnsanlar ve Öyküler (People and Stories, 1985).

PLAY: Uzak (The Distant, 1966), Soytarının Biri (A Clown, 1967).

POETRY: Boşluk (The Emptiness, 1970),

HUMOR: Hengâme (The Uproar, humorous articles, 1979), Şalter (Power Switch, humorous novel, 1984).

MEMOIR: İstanbul Hatırası (İstanbul Souvenir, 1987), Çay ve Simit (Tea and Bread rolls)



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