Meral Uğurlu

Türk Sanat Müziği Sanatçısı, Müzisyen

08 Aralık, 1937
Graduated from Istanbul municipality Conservatory

Musician, recording artist in Turkish art music. On 8 December 1937 was born in Edirne. Graduated from Istanbul municipality Conservatory. During his schooling, Münir nurettin Selçuk, Shafiq Gurmeric, Halil when managing Esthetic, Nevzat Atlig and at that time the teaching staff has benefited from.

During the same period, münir nurettin Selçuk concert choir and participated as soloist with many special when he was a student. Already in 1958, a student went to exam on Istanbul Radio. Mesud Cemil, cüneyd orhon, the honorable Daryal vecdi seyhun, Fikret Kutluğ, Niyazi sayın, has worked with such distinguished musicians as the golden age and the right cure, and solo programs.

Meral Lucky, Rusen Ferid Kam when it comes to Ankara radio in 1963, on the staff, and Ismail Baha surelsan worked with masters like Ahmet refik sevengil. Established in 1976, the state took part in solo and choir programs at Istanbul Radio started again.

ITU TMD for a while he worked as a lecturer at the conservatory. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Cyprus, and attended concerts and he has given solo concerts in France. Retired on 15 December 1997 in the state choir. He has given solo concerts in the United States, and the record did the work.

Regarded as one of the best performers soloist and master of the classical school, and still living in Marmaris Meral Lucky, Auspicious and Zeynep Istanbul Radio announcer from the sun, married (d. 1968) a girl named and very steep (d. 2007) is called a grandchild.

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