Hacı Ömer Sabancı

İş İnsanı

Businessman (B. 1906, Kayseri, D. 1966, Adana). After he graduated from the Akçakaya village school, he worked as a laborer in Adana between 1918 and 1926. Following the cotton trading for two years, he started industrialism, founding Modern Çırçır Fabrikası (T.N. Modern Ginning Factory) in Adana in 1938.  Afterwards, he put many factories into operation. He established Türk Nebatî Yağlar Fabrikası (T.N. Turkish Vegetable Oils Factory) in 1939, Adana Bossa Kumaş Fabrikası (T.N. Fabric Factory) in 1951 and Bossa Un ve Çırçır Fabrikası (T.N. Flour and Ginning Factory) in 1951 and 1952. Hacı Ömer Sabancı also established Akbank in 1947. In addition to the banking and industrialism, he began construction-undertaking, constructing many buildings in Ankara. He assembled his factories, each operated as joint stock company, under the same roof of Hacı Ömer Holding in 1967.

Named after him, Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding was founded in Adana in 1967 with a capital of 200 million Turkish liras. He is the owner of the shares of the companies belonging to the Sabancı family, 59 affiliated factories and enterprises, and about 20,000 employees. The organizations that he is the owner of, and partner to, include Bossa (fabric), Pilsa (plastic pipe and plastic bags), Sasa (artificial and synthetic fibers), Çimsa (cement), İslon (nylon thread), and Teksa (thread).


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