Abdulkadir Konukoğlu

İş İnsanı

Businessman. He was born in 1948 in Gaziantep. He is the first child of Sani Konukoğlu, one of the leaders of industrialization in Anatolia. He was interested in business life since his early ages. Starting from apprenticeship, he worked in all stages of the facility developing his experience.

He paused his work for two years to perform his military service, and returned to work in 1970 as the Operations Manager. He worked as the Deputy General Manager of the company between 1972 and 1974. In addition to his determination and enthusiasm to work, he developed his management skills, and became General Manager of the company in 1974.

After the death of his father Sani Konukoğlu in 1994, he took over his father’s business in Sanko Group companies. Abdulkadir Konukoğlu adopted his father’s words, “The trick is honesty”, as his philosophy of life, and turned Sanko into the symbol of industrialization in Turkey with his farsighted, reformist and participative understanding of management. With the progress performed under the management of Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, Sanko Group was reorganized as Sanko Holding in 1996.

Konukoğlu, truly analyzing the developments in Turkey and world economy, directed Sanko Holding towards promising sectors other than textile with his strategic foresights. Sanko, involved in textile, energy, construction, packaging, construction equipments, shopping mall, informatics, finance, food, education, health, real estate evaluation and mining sectors, became a giant corporation carrying out business relations with several foreign countries, under the management of Abdulkadir Konukoğlu with its approximately 14.000 personnel employed all around Turkey.

Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, who takes decisions focused on the society and people for his investments and puts the interests of his beloved country, Turkey, before all commercial expectations, never disregarded his social responsibility mission. He always exhibited an entrepreneur and participative understanding in business life, and undertook significant roles in many professional chambers and associations.

Abdulkadir Konukoğlu carried out his duties as President of Gaziantepspor Club, President of Southeast Anatolia Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Union, President of TOBB Textile Advisory Committee, President of Gaziantep Textile Industry Employers Association, Chairman of Gaziantep Serbest Bölge Kurucu ve İşleticisi A.Ş. Board of Directors, and Founding President of TOBB Free Zones Committee. He is currently performing his duties as the Spokesperson of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce, Member of TOBB High Coordination Committee, Member of TOBB Industrial Council, President of TOBB Textile Industry Assembly and Chairman of Cotton Textiles Manufacturers Union Board of Directors.

Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, who shares his knowledge of fifty years in business life through his speeches in panels and conferences organized at various universities, professional chambers and associations, has become an important reference source in the business world with his resolution advisories and analysis related to the problems in the business world. Due to his contributions in the society, he has been awarded for “The Businessman of the Year”, “Business Enterprise of the Year”, “Entrepreneur of the Year”, “Golden Man of the Year”, “Most Successful Businessman of the Year”, “Businessman with a Strategic Vision”, “Manufacturer of the Year”, and “Most Influential Businessman of the Year” by reputable broadcasting corporations, non-governmental organizations and universities, two times being by national productivity center. He was listed in the “Inspirers of Education Honor List” by Forum İstanbul, which projects making up an honor list of 100 people in 2023 for 100th year of Foundation of the Republic. Abdulkadir Konukoğlu, has been awarded with “Outstanding Service Award” by the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey; with “Title of Honorary PhD” and “Civil Involvement Award” by Gaziantep University; and “Trusted Person Award” by the General Directorate for Foundations for his beneficial services for prosperity, education, welfare and social development of people. He is married and has three children.



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