Yusuf Sıtkı Mardin

Siyasetçi, Yazar, Şair

16 Mart, 1916
06 Ocak, 1995
Istanbul University Faculty of Law

    Poet and writer (b. 16 March 1916, İstanbul - d. 6 January 1995, United Kingdom). He was the son of the distinguished professor, Ebulûlâ Mardin. He attended Robert College (1936) and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law (1940). He worked as a teacher, general secretary and legal consultant at Robert College. In 1948, he was elected parliamentary deputy for Mardin and served at the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Later on he worked as the London Press Attaché, at the Ankara Province Tourism Directorate, as a manager for the London Tourism and Introduction Bureau and at the Washington Press Consultancy (1969). He retired while he was working at the Bonn Press Consultancy (1975).

In 1935, he published the review Yücel together with Muhtar Fehmi, in which he put his poems in prosodic meter into print. Between 1936 and 1938, he published Boğaziçi, which was a tourist magazine. His first poem was published in the review Mektep, when he was twelve years old, and the others appeared in Yücel, Boğaziçi, Çınar, Çınaraltı, Deniz, Gençlik, Yurd and in the reviews that he published himself. Among his translations from English, it was especially that of Romeo - Juliet from Shakespeare that came to be the most popular.


POETRY: Bir Ad Bulamadım (I Couldn’t Find A Name, 1934), Mezar Taşları (Grave Stones, 1947), İki Damla Yaş (Two Tear Drops, 1947), Üç Yaprak (Three Leaves, 1948), Bir Semtini Sevmek (To Love A Town of Your Own, 1972), Sonelerle Seneler (Years by Sonnets, 1981).

RESEARCH: Namık Kemal'in Londra Yılları (Namık Kemal’s Years in London, 1976), Abdülhak Hamid’in Londra'sı (The London of Abdülhak Hamid 1976), Abdulhak Hamid'in Londra Yılları (Abdülhak Hamid’s Years in London, 1982).

OTHER WORKS: Colloquial Turkish (1961), Turkish Phrase Book (1961), Romeo ve Jülyet (Romeo and Juliet, translation, 1945).



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