Hafız Burhan

Ses Sanatçısı

23 Mayıs, 1897
18 Nisan, 1943
Diğer İsimler
Burhaneddin Sesyılmaz, Beşiktaşlı Burhan, Müzikalı Burhan

Vocal artist (B. 23rd May 1897, Istanbul - D. 18th April 1943, Ankara). His real name was Burhaneddin, and he took on the surname Sesyılmaz after the surname act. He is also known as Burhan of Beşiktaş and Mızıkalı Burhan. His father was Tüfekçi Ahmed Bey, among guardsmen of Abdülhamid II, and his mother was Feride Hanım. After his primary education, he graduated from Kocamustafapaşa Rüştiyesi. He stood out at a young age with his beautiful voice and before he even memorized Koran, he started to read Koran, mewlid, elegies, and performed as a bard and muezzin. In 1918, he was recruited to Mızıka-i Hümayun as a singer, only to leave voluntarily after a while. After some time, he was on demand for both religious and non-religious musical gatherings. His records became a big hit among public. He was involved in the foundation of Istanbul Radio and he joined Dârütta'lîm-i Musiki. He gave many concerts abroad, most of which were in Athens. After he performed as a singer in several musical societies in Istanbul, he continued this activity with a band of his own that included famous singers of the time.

Both religious and non-religious songs sang by Hafız Burhan are among the rare performances of the near history of the Turkish music. Although he took his first music lessons from his elder brother, we cannot say that he had a rooted musical education. He also learnt from Muallim İsmâil Hak­kı Bey, Zâti Arca and Lem’i Atlı during his time in Mızıka-i Hümayun. Since he had a bright and wide tenor voice, he displayed fine performances as a muezzin, both in the minaret and within the mosque, as well as in Âyetü'l-kürsî and big prayers. One of the last masters of the ode form, Hâfız Burhan also recorded many pieces in the folk song, song, lullaby, canto, tango, operetta and march forms.

His elegy, widely known as Makber, starting with the line “Her yer karanlık pür nûr o mevki”, from Abdülhak Hâmid’s play titled Târık, became quite famous with Hâfız Burhan performance and later singers tried to perform this song as he did. Hâfız Burhan also composed music for some movies, as well as several songs. Among these, the most famous is his song starting with the line “Hasta kalbimde açılmış ebedî bir yarasın”, and his “Yeni Ninni”, an example of ode in nevâ maqam.



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