Yıldırım Gürses

Ses Sanatçısı, Müzisyen

21 Ocak, 1939
18 Kasım, 2000
Ankara University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Economics Department

Composer, vocal artist (B. January 21st,1939, Bursa- D. November, 2000, Istanbul). He was the husband of vocal artist, Ulviye Ayla Gürses (Özben). His father was an officer at Ziraat Bank, Nasuhi Bey and his mother is Müeyyet Cevriye Hanım.

His father Nasuhi Bey was a talented lute player. He especially charmed the people while he was singing religious songs. His elder sister, Cahide Hanım accompanied him with her beautiful voice and the family members were holding music nights with the zither and lute. Because of the assignment of his father to Bursa, he finished the primary school in Yenişehir, Bursa. Then, the family returned to Bursa and he graduated from Çelebi Mehmet Secondary School and Bursa Trade High School. Later, he graduated from economics department of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Ankara University (1961). In 1951, his music career started when he was selected as Bursa Vocal King. He was selected as “Interuniversity Voice King” in 1959. He passed the examination of the Ankara Radio at the age of twenty. He ranked first in the entrance examination of the State Opera in 1961 and worked there for a few months. During those years, he sang his own songs in Kazablanka Night Club. He participated to the “Golden Microphone” competition by the Hürriyet newspaper in 1965 with his own composition called “Gençliğe Veda” and became first.

After the success in the Golden Microphone competition; Yıldırım Gürses accelerated his works and he became one of the most prominent names of the popular music. He became popular with his songs like; “Son Mektup”, “Mazideki Aşk”, “Bir Kırık Kalp”, “Bir Garip Yolcu”, “Sonbahar Rüzgârları”.

At the beginning of 80s, he made a new attempt together with the famous pop singer, Ajda Pekkan with an album named “Affetmem Asla Seni.” The songs in the album like “Dertliyim Arkadaş” and later “Eller Eller” and “Gül Dudaklım” became hits. Some prominent songs of him are “Mevsimler Yas Tutup Çöller Ağlasın”, “Liseli Kız”, “Çal Kanunum Çal”, “Mazideki Aşk”. His composition of the poem of Arif Nihat Asya named Fetih Marşı attracted great attention. One of his outstanding songs is “İçime hep hüzün doluyor” in the rast maqam.

Again, his album named “Hoş Sada” became a hit in Turkey in the 80s, he gave very successful concerts, also performed in the musical named “Neşe-i Muhabbet” together with Emel Sayın. The musical consisted of the songs of Yıldırım Gürses and he was also the musical director. The musical broke the rating records in Turkey.

He was founded and directed MESAM as the president with his team in 1986. Thus, an organization was founded to protect the rights of the composers and authors for the first time in Turkey with the name Musical Work Owners Society of Turkey (MESAM).

Having released nearly 30 albums in his life, he released a “best of” named “Anılarla Yıldırım” in 1999.

Considered as the founder of the polyphonic music in Turkish Artistic Music, he died on 18th November 2000 at the age of 62. He was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery. He has more than three hundred compositions and his best known songs were collected in an album named “Anılarla Yıldırım”. He married Ulviye Ayla Gürses who was also a vocal artist in 1961 and had a son named Yıldırım Beyazıt Gürses.


İçime Hüzün Doluyor, Gençliğe Veda, Son Mektup, Aşkın Bahardır, Senin Aşkına Doyum Olmaz, Gurbet, Bir Garip Yolcu, Feryat, Eller, Affetmem Asla Seni, Güller Ağlasın, Sonbahar Rüzgârları, Sarsam Seni Gül Dudaklım, Liseli Kız, Mazideki Aşk.



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