Behram Kurşunoğlu

Fizikçi, Bilim İnsanı

25 Ekim, 2003
Ankara University, Edinburg University

Physical scientist (B. 1922, Çaykara / Trabzon - D. 25th October 2003, Miami / Florida / USA). His family was from the village of Aydıncık, of the Merkez town of Bayburt. After having completed his high school education in Trabzon, he studied at Ankara University and Edinburg University in England. After that, he completed his physics doctorate in the Cambridge University that is also in England. He lived in the United States of America (USA) since the year of 1958 and he conducted most of his works there. His house and working room in Florida witnessed the visit of many people especially contributing to science.

Prof. Kurşunoğlu, who put forward a new theory named “Genelleştirilmiş İzafiyet Teori­si (The Generalized Relativity Theory)” by making studies on the combination of the general relativity theory of Albert Einstein and the electromagnetism, was the owner of many awards.

 He started to exchange letters with Albert Einstein during his doctorate study in Cambridge by the end of the 1940s. When he went to the Cornell University in America to make researches in the year of 1953, Einstein invited him to his house. He discussed with Einstein in his house for 4 hours continuously. At that time, Prof. Kurşunoğlu was 31 years old and Einstein was 74 years old. He made important studies on the nonsymmetrical gravity theory together with Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrödinger. In the year of 1952, he went to the Cornell University in America to make researches. He returned to Turkey in 1955 in order to accomplish his military service.

Behram Kurşunoğlu continued his works on the Atomic Energy in the 1950s in Turkey and became also the founder of the Türkiye Atom Enerjisi Institution. Besides, he worked as the consultant of the Office of Commander in Chief. For a period, he also worked in the Science Commission of the United Nations. He went again to America in the year of 1958 and became a professor at Miami University. He earned a notable position among the world physicians despite his young age. As the representative of Turkey, he participated in the II. International Conference that was organized in 1958 with the aim of using the atom in peaceful contexts. He became the consultant of the English Atomic Energy Research Institute and the Munich Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics in 1961 and Tennessee Oak Ridge State Laboratory between the years of 1962-64.

In addition to his works at Florida University, Kurşunoğlu presided one of the important research centers of America named Global Foundations. In 1965, he founded the “Center of Theoretical Physics Studies” in the Miami University and he was selected as the president. During a ceremony of success award organized in the Center, he was presented to the most famous physicians of the world, together with 22 scientists who won the Nobel Prize.

Again in the year of 1965, he educated scientists by organizing post-doctorate studies in the center in Carl Gables and he created a forum with the scientists who came to this center from time to time in order to have an exchange of ideas until he retired in 1992. According to the statement of the retired physics professor Dr. Arnodl Perlmutter who helped to the management of the Center, 35 of the scientists coming to work in the Center were the Nobel Prize winners. Kurşunoğlu stayed there until the closing of this Center in 1992 and he realized the Orbis Scientiae meetings in this Center till he retired.

In 1969, he started the Robert Oppenheimer Science Award together with six scientists who earned the Nobel Prize. He was assigned as the president of the International Energy Forum, including six Nobel Prize winner scientists.

Behram Kurşunoğlu reserved a big part of his studies to the development of “Birleşik Alan Teorisi (the Unified Field Theory)”. In the later years, he was interested in the subjects of nuclear energy. He gained a reputation in the entire world with the researches he made on the Quantum Physics and especially as the person who put forward the “Genelleştirilmiş İzafiyet Teorisi (Generalized Relativity Theory)”. The last project he was working on was about the creation of the universe. This subject was also investigated for many years by Einstein and his famous colleague Erwin Schrödinger. Kurşunoğlu wrote many books in his professional life.

Kurşunoğlu, who thought that the universe was “in a transitional period”, was planning to organize a conference about water in Turkey before his death. Because he had the opinion that “water and energy subjects will be biggest problems of the century we are living in”. Another conference he was thinking about was on the subject of the danger of the expansion of nuclear guns. According to Kurşunoğlu, “the wisdom and science would win sooner or later”. He received the Cumhurbaşkanlığı Bilim Ödülü (T.N. Presidency Science Award)  in 1972 and he was given Atatürk Özel Ödülü (T.N. the Ataturk Special Award) in 2001 by virtue of his contributions to science. Approximately one month before his death, he prepared for publication the book he wrote in English with the concern of leaving a lasting work to all the scientists of the world. However, this book could not be published because he deceased from a sudden hearth attack. He deceased in the city of Miami of USA on 25th October 2003, when he was 82 years old and he was buried in the same city. Kurşunoğlu, who was also known with the series of Coral Gables Conferences that he organized since the year of 1964, deceased from a heart attack a short time before the conference of the year 2003. From his wife named Sevda (Arif), he had two children named İsmet and Sevil (Kurşunoğlu-Brahme), who are doctors, and a daughter named Ayda (Weiss), a lawyer.

Instead of the popular theory named “Büyük Patlama (Big Bang)” describing the creation of the universe, Prof. Dr. Kurşunoğlu put forward the Genelleştirilmiş İzafiyet Teorisi (Generalized Relativity Theory)” through scientific experiments and he scientifically described it as in the following:

 “The owner of the biggest power, Allah has generated the universe to create and to manage it. There are principle and magnetic charges in the universe. This theory named as the Orbitron Theory includes the theoretical works in the universe…During the first three seconds of the creation of the universe; the 108° particle forming a big part of the universe was generated. Before the beginning of time, the before-time powers covering the universe had an area. After billions of years, this area collapsed because of the very high gravity and the “micro-blackholes” that were trillions of times smaller than an atom were generated. The half of these holes was formed from the matter and the other half from the antimatter having a different structure. A big fire starting from these holes in before-time dispersed to the universe. The collision of the matter and the antimatter has created explosions that destroyed everything. When the matter and the antimatter dissociated as a result of decomposition, new particles and eventually stars, planets, anti-planets and humans and most probably anti-humans were created.

MAIN WORKS: Modern Quantum Theory (1962), Büyük Bir Fizikçiyi Anımsarken: Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac. 


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