Mübin Beken

Arkeolog, Mimar, Ressam

20 Aralık, 2009
Mimar Sinan University Master Architect Department
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Mübin Kemal Beken

Master Architect, artist and archeologist. He was born in Istanbul in 1921. He is the husband of retired teacher and artist Nurdan Beken. He graduated from Galatasaray High School (1942), Mimar Sinan University (State Fine Arts Academy) Master Architect Department (1948), Istanbul University Faculty of literature Archeology Department, Municipality Conservatoire Violin Department. He also had a Ph.D. and had art lessons in Prof. Léopal Levy workshop, who was one of the founders of DGSA.  He worked as architect and lecturer in Istanbul University and Ankara Engineering-Architect Academy. He participated in excavations at Side-Perge, at “Beyce Sultan” (Denizli), at “Karahöyük” (Ankara), and at Tarsus where St. Paul lived in.

Dr. Beken also worked in restoration works of Mevlâna Shrine (Konya), Kızkulesi (Alanya), Tophane-i Âmire (Istanbul) Topkapı Palace (Istanbul), Late Roman Era Agora Hamam (Transformation in to Side Museum), “Subaşı House” (Side House) in person. He opened twenty exhibitions titled “Evaluation, Introduce and Carrying of Common Heritage of Humanity to the Future” both in domestic and foreign countries.

He contributed to Prof. Arif Müfit Mansel’s book on Side and he prepared the archeological map of Side (1968). This book was also translated in to German with the title “Die Rulenen Fon Side”. He wrote chapters for the book Efesos (1958) and his articles were published in newspapers. He prepared reports about preserving cultural heritage to Culture and Tourism Ministry. He made speeches in TRT Istanbul, Ankara Radios and televisions between 1969s and 1990s about preserving cultural heritage. His book “Ephesos – The Grories of Ephesos” (1967) was published. He is a member of “National – International Icomos – MTR”. He received a medal from Vatican government for his works on saving-protecting, evaluating and introducing the common cultural heritage of humanity.

REFERENCE: Bilgin Peremeci / “Side Akuarelleri” Sergisi (Akşam, 10.1.1962), Sadık Göksu / İstanbul’da Bir Sergi (Öncü, 12.1.1962), İlber Ortaylı / Başarılı Bir Sergi (Vatan, 1.12.1968), Anatolia the Erodle of  Civilisation (New Spot, 1.4.1983), İhsan Işık (TEKAA, 2009).



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