Memduh Tağmaç

Orgeneral, Genelkurmay Başkanı, Asker

30 Mart, 1978
Artillery School

Soldier, general, 14th. Chief of Defence Staff (B.  1904, Erzurum- D. March 30, 1978, Istanbul). He graduated from Turkish Military Academy in 1928, he graduated from Artillery School, and until 1935 he was the Team Commander in different troops bonded to Land Forces Command. In 1938, after graduating from the Military Academy as a staff officer; he worked as Battery Commander of 41st and 54th Artillery Regiment, as Project Officer in the General Staff Headquarters As manager of 3Rd. Divisional Personnel Branch, as 3Rd. Company Commander of Divisional Artillery Regiment, as a Manager of 9Th. Corps Personnel Branch, as lecturer in War Academy, as a Battalion Commander of 30th Artillery Regiment and as an Artillery Regiment Commander of 6th division.

In 1956 he got a promotion and became Brigadier General and worked as Commander of Gendarmerie Officers Exercise and Sergeant School, worked as Vice Commander of 23rd. Division, worked as Commander Of 3rd. Gendarmerie Brigade and as Vice St. Army Chief of Staff. In 1959 he became Major General and worked as Head of the Land Forces Staff and General Staff 2nd Vice President.  In 1962 he was promoted to Lieutenant General and worked as General Staff 2nd. Vice President, Vice commander of 3rd Army and Vice Commander of 1St. Army then in 1964 he was promoted to Full General. With his Full General rank he worked as 1St Army Commander, as Commander of Land Forces, in March 16, 1969 he was assigned as Chief of Defense Staff and he got retired willingly in August 29, 1972.  He was married to Nezahat Tağmaç and had two kids. He knew French. He passed away in March 30, 1978 and was buried in Istanbul Zincirlikuyu Cemetery.

REFERENCE: Memduh TAĞMAÇ (, 28.7.2015).


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