Fatih Terim

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04 Eylül, 1953
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Coach. He was born on September 4th 1953 in Adana. He was given the epithet “Emperor” by his fans. He began football in Adana Demirspor and was transferred to Galatasaray football team by being acclaimed. He captained the club until 1985 until he said goodbye to football. He played in 327 matches with the GS uniform. He also exhibited a very successful football with the Turkish National Team uniform.

He began his career in coaching after he left being a football player. He coached the Ankaragücü, Göztepe and Galatasaray sports clubs as well as the Turkish National Team. He had GS won 4 leagues, 2 Turkey Cups, one UEFA Cup and he worked in this club, GS until 2001. He took his nickname, “Emperor” as the first and only Turkish coach, who had Galatasaray won the UEFA Cup in 2000. Terim, who was transferred to the Fiorentina team in 2001, carried his team to the finals. He left Galatasaray in 2004 that he returned back in 2002.

Terim became the head of the Turkish National Team and succeeded to obtain the right to participate in the European Championship for the first time in 1996. In addition, he broke the records of Coşkun Özarı, who took the field for the 55th time with his team with the Georgia match. He proved that he is a successful coach by responsible for the 30 wins, 17 draws and 14 defeats of the National Team. He took the team to EURO 2008 finals and he was chosen as the best coach of this tournament.

Among the successes of Fatih Terim are the Mediterranean Games Championship, UEFA Cup Championship and third place, Turkey Cup Championship, Atatürk Cup Championship, TSYD Cup Championship. He has been the one and only coach who experienced the championship in the Mediterranean games with the U-21 football team in the Turkish football history. In addition, he was given the State Medal of Italy and was awarded an honorary doctorate due to his success in 2008. 



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